Obtaining a Second Bachelor's Degree

Getting a 2nd Bachelors degree is equated to being a double major, the only difference is that the 2nd major is obtained at a later date. Classes taken while obtaining the first Bachelor’s (mainly core classes) will be applied to the 2nd Bachelor’s, eliminating the need to retake these classes. The student would then be required to only take new classes that have not already been taken for the new major. The 2nd bachelor’s degree seeking student will take all of the SPHS courses (39 hours).

Career Information

For more information about careers in speech-language pathology, please visit our Careers page http://aslp.hps.unt.edu/careers. It contains links to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association career information web pages.

Additional Steps for a 2nd Bachelors degree seeking student:

1. After acceptance into the UNT Toulouse Graduate School, set an appointment with a College of Health and Public Service advisor by calling (940)565-4115, located in Chilton Hall Room 290.

The HPS advisor will review your transcripts from your 1st bachelor’s degree and determine which Core and HPS class requirements you still need.  Because of ASLP UG class requirements, the most common classes a student still needs is Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or level III and level IV of a foreign language.  The 1st bachelor’s counts as the minor for the 2nd bachelor’s degree.

2. Once the HPS advisor has reviewed your 1st bachelor’s degree, set an appointment with Lauren Mathews, ASLP Undergraduate Director.

She can be reached at Lauren.Mathews@UNT.edu. At this appointment, you will fill out the paperwork to officially declare ASLP as a 2nd Bachelors degree.

Designation as a 2nd Bachelor’s degree student with the UNT Toulouse School of Graduate Studies AND the 2nd Bachelors Degree plan paperwork is REQUIRED to be an official 2nd bachelor degree seeking student.

3. Take all of the required classes for a bachelor’s degree in ASLP.

See the below link for the current ASLP UG degree requirements:

2014-2015 Requirements

Course Availability by Semester