Brain, Language, and Memory Lab (B.L.A.M. Lab)


The Brain, Language, and Memory Lab (B.L.A.M. lab) studies how experience and emotion impact communicative performance and learning outcomes. With a multidisciplinary approach, our group uses methods from psycholinguistics, cognitive science, and social and experimental psychology to examine the interactions among language backgrounds (e.g., bilingualism), motivation, and communicative behaviors in typical language learners and neurodivergent populations.


The B.L.A.M. lab is located in the Speech and Hearing Center of the University of North Texas.

Lab Members


Dr. Boji Pak-Wing Lam

Boji Lam is an assistant professor in the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. His research adopts a multidisciplinary approach to examine the effect of bilingualism and motivation on language behaviors, learning, and therapeutic outcomes in both children and adults.

Research Assistants

Gabby Snell

Katie Chandler

Kirsten Torres


Li Sheng (University of Delaware)

Bharath Chandrasekaran (University of Pittsburgh)

Zenzi Griffin (University of Texas at Austin)

Thomas Marquardt (University of Texas at Austin)


Our research


Lam, B. P. W., Xie, Z., Tessmer, R., Chandrasekaran, B. (2017). The downside of higher susceptibility to lexical influences: Perceiving speech in babble. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research. 60(6):1662-1673.


Reetzke, R., Lam, B.P.W., Xie, Z., Sheng, L., & Chandrasekaran, B. (2016). Effect of simultaneous bilingualism on speech intelligibility across different masker types, modalities, and signal-to-noise ratios in school-age children. PLoS ONE, 11(12): e0168048.


Lam, B. P. W., & Sheng, L. (2016). The development of morphological awareness in young bilinguals: Effects of age and L1 background. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research. 59(4), 732-744.

Sheng, L., Lam, B. P. W., Cruz, D., Fulton, A. (2016). A Robust Demonstration of the Cognate Facilitation Effect in Young Spanish-English Children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 141, 229-238.


Sheng, L., Lam, B. P. W. (2015). Slot-Filler and Taxonomic Organization: The Role of Contextual Experience and Maternal Education. Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 5(1), 128-138


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