Hearing Services, Hearing Aids, and Hearing Conservation

The UNT Speech and Hearing Center has a state of the art hearing clinic that offers comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation services. We offer a wide range of hearing aid technology, including models that automatically adjust volume, suppress background noise, and improve listening effort. 

Services are provided by nationally-certified and state-licensed audiologists, and graduate students under their supervision.

Our hearing services include

  • an extended trial period for hearing aids, with consumer-focused services such as communication strategies and assistive listening devices
  • measurements that ensure the hearing aid is providing sufficient benefit
  • special testing procedures for infants and young children

We also have access to research-supported assistive technology for the treatment of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The Center is a provider of custom-fitted hearing protection for musicians and a variety of high-noise environments.


The UNT Speech and Hearing Center accepts most insurance plans with hearing benefits.


If you feel you are having problems with hearing, speech, or language or suspect that a family member or friend is having difficulty, contact our Center for an evaluation.